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April 2015 Caption Competition 2

April 2015 Caption Competition 2 Image

It's our last Caption Comp 2015! 

We have 2 Sunday tickets up for grabs to accompany a Goodie bag from exhibitor Filbert's Fine Foods containing 3 x 120g bags of their award winning nuts and 3 x 50g bags of their new Tasty Seeds.

To be in with the chance of winning this tempting prize simply enter our caption competition featuring the beautiful Caroline Quentin who is joining us for a demo this year! Enter by 3pm on Friday 17th April. Good luck! 

To enter please add your caption below

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The winner for this competition was:

What do you mean, the spoon is only for stirring?
By: Kate Daniels

Other entries for this competition were:

Michael're fired!
By: Stephanie King

Go and wash the dishes and leave it to the professional please
By: Emma Davie

A 'spat' was brewing. Burn it and the spatula hits the chops.
By: Hayley Taylor

I've dealt with Men Behaving Badly before, now serve up my dinner, or i'll show you the door!
By: Scott

You're doing it all wrong, go sit down, I'll show you how it's done!
By: Hazel Pritchard

if you're going to behave badly you can go sit over there!
By: Phil Colbourne

Wait... what was that bit for?
By: Nathalie

No Caroline, I'm Michael Caines not Ainsley Harriott, we do not need to stir the food like that.
By: Natalie McKee

You put you right hand in and you stir it all about....
By: Kyle McKee

Ooh la la it's MC xx
By: Hazel Willey

Oh la, what is this please?
By: Flower

Michael...if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!
By: Dave