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March 2015 Caption Competition

March 2015 Caption Competition Image

It's our March caption competition!

Give us your best to be in with the chance of winning a pair of tickets to Sunday at the festival AND a box of any four mix & match slices of cakes courtesy of Truly Treats, to be collected from the Truly Treats stall on the day.

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Competition entries for: March 2015 Caption Competition

I'm on a balanced diet - Truly treats in the left hand, Truly Treats in the right.
By: Clare holding

Glastonbury? With so many top class acts, I'd rather be at the Exeter festival.
By: Mike H

Eenie meenie miney mo I'll try them both and let you know.
By: Bryan Morris

"[Pies] to the left off me [fish] to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you"
By: Lee Joslin

Even an Outlaw can Cull good taste, the finest fish rolls and pies win joint first place!
By: Paul Willcocks

Weighing up the competition... the winner will be truly treated!
By: Trudy Rodgers

Those pies look extremely Exeterllent!
By: Claire S.

I s"pies" swimmingly good treats , centring on my favourite eats.
By: Jo Willcocks

To Treat or not to Treat, that is the question!
By: Karen Kennedy

For Flavour and Style, they're TRULY first by a mile
By: Grahame Hampson

I have made calorie free pies. I promise!
By: Victoria

Although he manages a smile Graham now wishes he'd chosen his diet buddies more carefully
By: Malcolm Rose

Enough to feed 5000 - and we will
By: Wendy McLean

A feast of fun for everyone
By: kay sweeney

Dare not tell them i've just eaten fish n chips.
By: Chris

Exeter Festival tickets would 'Truly' be a 'Treat' that 'eclipses' all others.
By: Yvonne Pritchard

" I brought the 2 fishes..., that doesn't look like 5 loaves of bread neither!"....
By: Danny Evans

hurray up with the photo, we've got guests waiting for our delicious treats ;-)
By: Jo

Truly Scrumptious.. you two are truly scrumptious.
By: Stephanie Hill

Always Truly Scrumptious at Truly Treats......
By: Barbara Chandler

When has we three eat again?
By: Ve Wright

I'm weighing up the winner! Is it the pies on my right or the fried fish on my left?
By: Sandra OMara

I have been battered and baked until I'm truly stuffed!
By: Sue Baker