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Festival caption competition

Festival caption competition Image

We are giving away 2 tickets  to the 2012 Festival. All you have to do is submit a caption for the photo above, at the end of December the best entry will win 2 day passes to the Festival.

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This competition is now closed.

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The winner for this competition was:

My trick looks slick, I'm TRADTIONALly QUICKE, A WHEYt defying truckle OCURD, making all chuckle !
By: Jo Willcocks

Other entries for this competition were:

Fianlly! This is just what I was looking for.
By: Zeal

Do you think we could manage one each?
By: Gary

. . . and let me tell you, if they WERE this big, I wouldn't be standing here now!
By: Paddy Edwards

Mysterious floating truckles make me chuckle..
By: Emma Foster

The big cheese: Quickes are just one of the fantastic local producers looking forward to the festical again next year.
By: Kate Concah

Couple unsure over new Tim Burton movie "Edward Cheesehands"
By: James Albins

With no Michael Caines, this was the only big cheese Mr. Quickes was going to be mingling with!
By: James Akhurst

Quick as you like, I've got this lovely pair!
By: Chris Russell

Quickes Traditional - aged to perfection!
By: Louise Brown

'Roll up, roll up... to the hearty and heady delights of the festival.'
By: Marie

If quickes cheeses are that big, Newton St.Cyres here we come!!
By: Paul Stacey

This odd looking couple look very familiar.
By: maxine ewins

yes that`s good,but where`s the Keenes?
By: paul king

Have a Quickes nibble on one of these beauties.
By: Nikki Eatherington

What a cheesy grin!
By: Alex

Blimey! How big are the crackers!
By: Angie Tucker

Aged to perfection and the cheese looks good too
By: Cath

Once you have tasted it you will understabd the cheesy grin!
By: M. Yeomns

Quickes stallholder shows his traditional cheese and the one made especially for the food festival containing a miniature woman
By: Kelly Keatley

John And Margaret were a tad confused over the cheese sandwich sold by Quickes ;0)
By: Yvonne Gordon

Rustic and Original which is the Perfect match! Especialy for the Exeter Food Festival!
By: Amy Ward

"Ooo....What a lovely pair! Fancy a Quickes?"
By: Kyle Sinhal

Man in a hat looking at red bottles misses women emerging from ablock of cheese.
By: Ian Roberts