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Posh Nosh January 2016 Caption Competition!

Posh Nosh January 2016 Caption Competition! Image

The Exeter Food Festival is taking place at Northernhay Gardens and Exeter Castle from Friday 22nd April to Sunday 24th April 2016.

For your chance to win two tickets to the Food Festival on Sunday 24th April 2016, come up with a caption for this image featuring Posh Nosh from the 2015 Festival.

Good luck!

To enter please add your caption below

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The winner for this competition was:

"Irresistable local pork, Ensures perfection on my fork !"
By: Maggie Norvell

Other entries for this competition were:

Check out these bangers!
By: Rebecca

Get your chops around these bangers
By: Debbie Pressdee

Posh Nosh - you don't have to be posh to enjoy it
By: Carole-Anne Barr

This little piggy went to the Exetter food festival !
By: Lee Joslin

PoshNosh Bangers, come and have a go if you think your tastebuds are good enough.
By: Suzanne Hales

This is so not posh nosh its good ole bangers and mash!
By: Debbie Henderson

These are Exe-ceedingly good!
By: Julian Ashton

Posh Nosh's new scent of 'Au Sausage' was going down a treat at the Food Festival!
By: Shushanah

Hang a right for a banger bite!
By: Richard Maddicks

One for you... (Eight for me!!)
By: Richard Maddicks

Sausage ? That's what you call a sausge .
By: anthony

For these bangers I'm first in the queue everytime.
By: Jayne Voisey

if you think this is burnt wait to you see the other side
By: David Coomber

Now madam that's what you call some whoppers
By: Darren Hannaford

Try my sausage and you'll really know the meaning of Posh Nosh!
By: Izy Shaw

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add food
By: Sam Hitchin

Here! This is the one I'm entering in the Banger racing!
By: Jo

Bish Bash Bosh says Josh Sausages are now Posh to Nosh A treat in store by golly gosh And they don't cost much Dosh.
By: Bryan Morris

Ok, so Posh Nosh serve the best sausages, but no need to keep bangering on about it
By: Carol Finning

Gosh, posh nosh for such little dosh
By: Katie finning

No need to Banger on about the Exeter Food Festival the food speaks for it's self
By: michael whitcombe

Super sizzling sausages
By: Mandi bliault

Those will do for starters, bring on the main course!
By: Bryan Morris